8Bitdo's SNES30, Ubuntu 14.04 and ZSNES

Work's been stressing me out, so I decided to play some fucking video games. I don't have an updated game console and I'd kiss a kangaroo's ass before splurging on one any time soon. Therefore, I decided to go to town with a few console emulators and ROMs.

My first and (possibly) my favorite console of all time is the SNES and I stumbled upon a replica SNES controller crafted for use by any device but an SNES: the SNES30 by 8bitdo. I bought one. I also downloaded ZSNES, an SNES emulator.


I don't have a truly up-to-date OS. I'm working on Ubuntu 14.04 and I'm afraid to upgrade. So, here's how I started working less and playing more:

Install ZSNES

Download the latest ZSNES Debian package.

In your terminal,

sudo dpkg -i zsnes_1.510+bz2-6_i386.deb  

Turns out you can also download/install ZSNES via the Ubuntu Software Center here.

OR, you can use the terminal and Aptitude:

sudo apt-get install zsnes  
Connect the SNES30

Press and hold the START and B button on your SNES30 to turn it on.

You should see a little Bluetooth icon in your Ubuntu menu bar. Click that.

Click Bluetooth if the slider doesn't show that your Bluetooth signal detector is on.

Click Set Up New Device....

Find 8Bitdo SNES30 GamePad in the menu of detected bluetooth items.

This part of the setup should be fairly straightforward. However, if it's not, check this out for some help.

NOTE: I've had trouble with this. I need to keep remove and add my SNES30 device registration each time I want to play my ZSNES. You may have to do the same. Just know you're not alone.


From your terminal, open ZNES:

sudo znes  

This should be done before connecting your SNES30. I'm not sure why, but ZSNES doesn't detect new bluetooth devices once it's running. (If you know why, let me know in the comments...)


Map Keys

So, I thought my SNES30 would automagically map the ZSNES configuration to its buttons. I was dead wrong.

Inside of ZSNES, click CONFIG.
Click INPUT.
Set each key you're prompted for by pressing the appropriate button on the SNES30.

map keys

Waste time like it's 1994.

Now, you can play your SNES ROMs.

Hopefully, you've downloaded some ROMs... If not, here are some places I use to get ROMs:

Or, you can just torrent them.


Great job, 8Bitdo!

I miss you, Renee.


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