Hello, World!

Well, it's about time I do this.

I already started an artificial intelligence blog, which I have yet to expand on and release.  I've written up a couple of blog posts for it, but nothing has been queued yet for public presentation.  I'll get to that soon.

I figure this blog will be a general-purpose coding blog so I can track my endeavors.  A few of my friends have similar blogs, and plenty of them are seasoned professionals.  I figure, if they do it and I'd like to be anything like them (in ability and in terms of maintaining my own interests in programming), I should do it too.

Lately, I've been trying to figure out what projects to throw myself in because of recent employment opportunities.  Sadly, I figured out how inadequate I appear to others (employers or not) because I don't really do much but academic work; many of my experiences in programming--the majority of them--are in trivial activities.

This might be a start to an extremely nurturing career as a programmer, but this is certainly not for employment, as I'm genuinely interested in advancing technologies for my own interests.  I could care less about what others think about how competent I am, ultimately.  ( lol )

Oh, and I should add: This'll be my second main blog.  That means I'll treat this blog as I treat my personal blog, The BOTU.  The only difference between the two is the content, but the frequency of my posting on blog blogs will be similar, if not completely the same.


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