How To Get Your Site Unblocked On Facebook (Unverified)

A few years ago, a number of my websites were blocked at Facebook. The reason was that the host I used to serve was blacklisted, blacklisting each site the host served with it. was blocked shortly after I used a link to as an image source in one of the areas of the site. I don't know why Facebook's malware tracking is so stupid, but I imagine it's cost people a lot of money. Facebook is where the party is (debatable?) these days, so having your site blocked there probably lowers your potential to get traffic to your site significantly. I haven't put a number to that assumption, but it just seems obvious.

Recently, I've been sharing my thoughts here more often, and the more I share, the more readers I want. Therefore, taking another swing at getting this site unblocked at Facebook was inevitable. The problem was that up to the point at which I decided to take that second swing, I had already exhausted Facebook's bullshit-ass error reporting resources. I took to Google and tried to find different clues.

Somewhere in the Facebook support forum, someone asked about getting their site unblocked -- the OP was, apparently, in the same boat that I'm in. Some helpful users replied with redundant suggestions (How were they helpful then? They weren't. I was being nice.).

Long story short

I haven't fully verified that this is what got my site unblocked, but you can do the following:

  1. Go to Trend Micro's Site Safety Center here.

  2. Submit your site—make sure you mark it as safe and to leave a comment stating that your site is safe. Also make sure you check the boxes that say you're the owner of the site (that's what I did).

  3. Verify your submission via email. There's a confirmation link in a follow-up email Trend Micro sends you.

You should get an email like this at some point

I submitted on May 6th. On May 12th, I discovered that my site was unblocked. I didn't get any follow-up email regarding the unblocking of my site on Facebook from Facebook -- I'm not actually sure if that's just how it works and I'm not supposed to receive any notifications. But, I did receive a follow-up today, May 17th regarding the reclassification of my site. Though, you should note that my site was never marked unsafe to begin with:

Verification email

I'll update this blog post as I make an effort to validate my understanding of the situation. This post is up to date as of May 17th, 2015.

I miss you, Renee. Straight up.


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